8 Ball

Stand up

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South niggas stand up, weak niggas man-up
Fuck these niggas that show us no love.
Be strong, be a man, dont lie, dont steal,
Keep it real for as long as you live,
Make money, get fizzy,the last thing you do
Dont matter what he or she do fuck that shit i could see trough anything
You think, you say, you try,
Slick niggas tryin to get by,
You cant even look me in my eye,
Go hard to the dirt,
Dont stop dont quit,
Even if you steal can get rich quick
Like you wanna judge me,
But you dont know me,
I'm a winner already, i dont need a trophy,
MJ fuckin G, i'm true i'm straight,
Same old G every day, you cant even take the reezemey
Fake niggas hate me, real niggas they be down with a real nigga,
It dont matter were a real nigga be, M gang, G C.