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The Superior Force of Rome
the day is gone
The sky is red
A bloody shine deceitful peace
It's Just a break
The fighter's need
Tomorrow's sunrise waits for more
soon the final dance begins
In the early morning sun
Think of tomorrow
Yesterday's burden
Nearly forgotten
In a corner of your mind
There's heaven above you
A starry blanket
You dream in the darkness
Of tomorrow

A Broken Dream
Sky so blue the sun is Shining high
On the battlefield you see them die
Fighting bravely never getting weak
There's no mercy in this dust and heat
Spartacus stands, sword in his hands
Drawing a blood line all around
Fighting so hard for a new start
He stands like a rock
In the surge of the sea
No one comes near
Suddenly the soldiers realize
They need more men to survive this fight
All confused you see them dash away
Losing now but they come back some day
Spartacus Knows, though he has won
Too many men of his army are gone
For him and his friends there is no chance
To fight again for their liberty
Never be free
Thousand faces without hope and home
kind of death will be the choice of Rome
Crucifixion of a lion's food
Human victims of an age so cruel
Glory and wealth, Power of Rome
Built on the shoulders of millions of slaves
Spartacus knows, though he was close
Their change is gone
It was all in vain
There'll be more blood and pain

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