Into It. Over It.

Spatial Exploration

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So this is where you've been?
A colonial apartment?
A white picket fence?
You know, I pictured you determining success behind a diamond ring
But wedlock made you settle, kept you running from the truth
A certain age defines uncertainty I never could explain
So, does the time create or move to make mistakes these days?

So this is where we'll stay?
The steps to your apartment seem such a long way
From the evenings on your father's couch and mornings in my father's backseat
It was spatial exploration seeking seventeen
A certain age defines a confidence I never could explain
Some would say it's wisdom, I would call it change
You pulled the calm from your charisma, once precociously arranged
What made the time create and move to make, you blame these days?

So where's the reckless lipstick and your south Philly neighbors?
Where are the memoirs of illegal behavior?
Where are the lovesick lines and "no trespassing" signs?
The after-hours trading X-rated favors?
Where are our teens? And how were your twenties?
Where are the fourties that hide behind thirty?
Where's the old soul and what is this new person you've become?
Well who've you become?

I closed my eyes and woke to your morning routine
A boring and contemporary scene
So this is where you've been?

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