Nikki Sudden

Still Full Of Shocks

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Still full of shocks
Still full of crying
And long shots of people
Saying goodbye.

I'm watching from close-up
Because sometimes it still touches on me
And sometimes I know
That I'll never believe in it again.

Still watching out for something
And it's not up to me to look for you
And if you can't find your answers
You can be sure that I won't know mine.

Stay full of shocks
And full of waiting
And not always watching people
Saying goodbye.

Sometimes I'm looking from much closer
And sometimes it still happens to me
And sometimes I hope
That I'll never believe in it again.

(So I'm feeling left alone
And I'm just feeling so empty
And is there anyone else to find
That I won't have already seen?)

Autor(es): Nikki Sudden

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