Stitch In Time

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I suffered in your sadness
But I chose to let it go
I wallowed in your weakness
I should have started long ago
Down and low never been mistaken
Down and low have I been forsaken?
Left to win, your pleasures sin from me
Oh how low, your ship is sinkin
Oh how low, you're wearin me down
Oh how low, just to waste my time thinking of you
And how you're draggin me down
Down and low, never been mistaken for
Down and out, but your soul's been shaken
Left to win, a pleasure sin in me
I sutured up your sadness
And wrapped around your pain
But all was worthless for the giving
Cause it's coming back again
Stitch to stop the madness
Stitch to stop the hate
Stitch in time saves nine
But now it's just too late