Spin Around The World

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Spin Around The World
I woke up to the sound of a falling stone
Didnt know if I was all alone

Its been a long time
That I met myself
Put my own mind on a dusty shelf
There it was forgotten all the time
There was no joy, there was no pain
There was no risk there was no gain
I stopped counting the days

But its time to wake up now
Cause Im fading away
Its high time to wake up now
Will she make my...

Uh ah, Spin around the world Im falling
Uh ah, Im wide awake
Uh, ah, Spin around the world Im falling down
Will she make my day

Now youre here chasing all my fear away I pray
Gonna stay with me
To keep us alive
Babe I want you to understand
That you touch my soul when you take my hand
So please dont you let go

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