Badi Assad

Spirit Dog

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I’m like a dog that’s chained out back
Who knows the world for all it lacks
I want to play out in the light
I long for freedom long for sight

Come pick this lock
Come break my chains
Come free the spirit dog

I tear the ground I run the lin
I choke myself until I’m blind
I pant so hard I howl so loud
But no one’s listening past the shroud

Come kiss this mouth
Come touch my mane
Come Free the spirit dog

I feel so wasted, feel so raw
Feel so tempted, chains to gnaw
But if I do I’ll mislay my only chance to seize this day
My wings have landed on the lawn
They stir me frenzy plans are drawn
How can I wait to be unchained
I feel I’ll die without the rain

The lines are blurring past is gone
I have no reference this same song
The moth’s new hour now at hand
The eddy dream no longer stands

Come make me patient
Come make me whole
Come free the spirit dog
Come sing this love
Come dream my life
Come free the spirit dog

Se tu fosses como a rosa

Autor(es): Badi Assad / Daved Levitan / Sérgio Breim