Frozen Mist

Spirits Asunder

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The night falls with a silence, fearful we are.
Draperies of emotions, your lust dissipates.
Shadows caress then die, devoured by your obsessions.
All hope must not endure, just fade away.
My soul thrives no more. How could you tear us asunder?
Your spirit surrounds me. This empty sanctuary.

Your weeping in vein, I feel your presence surrounding me.
I'm dying in pain, You heal my wounds that forever bleed.
Broken fragments, shattered dreams.
Spirits asunder, your violent screams.

I'm weeping in pain, You heal my wounds that you gave me.
Fractured souls, we're torn apart.
Spirits asunder, my broken heart.

You tear my lonely soul apart, rip it to shreds.
You have no feelings for me, so why do you stay?
Rendered identity of abstraction, to fill my void.
I have given my all to you, yet you toss it all away.
Distant memories of the past, I no longer can hold on to.
Like shards of glass I wither, left in the rotting cold.
Secrets trapped in my hidden mind, a corridor I never enter.
My bed shall become your grave, these secrets left untold.

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