Stab You Through The Everything

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I fucking hate you
the old fashioned way
where I want you dead
your family dead
your friends, your co-workers erased
and I prolong the pain
a stab, a cut, drain your soul fuck
let me help you bleed slow
and I dont care who knows
I wish it upon you
I may burn in hell
but I want you dead
I'll fucking do it myself
if that's what it takes
color you red with desire and passion
I want you dead
and I can wait a lifetime
call it resolve
irreverible flaw
soon you will wake up breathless
am I scaring you?
you should have left
while you still had the chance
and it's not enough, just wishing
(it's come down to this)
stab you through the everything
there must be something wrong with me
feed me tender suffocation
there must be something wrong with me
humor me while I wring out your heart.

Autor(es): A.18