Gloria Estefan

Nayib's song (i am here for you)

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Lately my son I´ve been confused
Don´t know what to tell you
Cause it´s all such bad news
Lately my son I´ve been discouraged
I look around and it fills me with worry
What kind of world can I offer you
Where will it all lead, do we have the
Sense to make it through?
I´ve tried to figure it out, to have an
Answer I can tell you
But all I can see, all I can see.
Is I am here for you,
And you are here for me
It´s an ongoing process
I will take care of you
And you will take care of me
If were gona make some progress.
Lately my son I feel ashamed
For many things that have happened
And are happening again
Really my son I thought we´d learned
From what I see around me it´s a very
Tough world
But all I can hope is that you take
It as a challenge
To create somthing new that will take you far,
I know that you can manage
To scatter some hope,
Cause it´s not to late to repair the damage
The only way it can be, Is so easy to see.
You gotta believe, never be afraid to dream
But follow it through, ´cause it won´t get
Done unless it comes from you
Gotta make it all work, for the ones that
Are coming after you
Though hard it may seem, gotta believe.