As We Fight

Standing At The Gates Of Failure

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as u pray for death.
At the gates of failure you see
yourself come to an end.
In times where life is war.
Can you afford to turn your back!
Just sit back and let it slide.
Watching life pass you by.
Was it all, like you pictured it.
Was it all you hoped it would be?
And I still have hope that we'll someday be free.
Cause we are all here and we all bleed the same.
We all bleed the same!! [x2]
We all have hopes and dreams, and pre painted pictures, of how our life should be.
This could have been nothing.
We could have been nothing at all.
Nothing at all!
I will not settle for life of pain.
Because I'm so sick of this fucking place
There's nothing left for me to say.
Your life means nothing to me! [x3]

Autor(es): As We Fight

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