Manic Depression

Stand Of No Consent

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I shut an inner door
For everything you adore and respect
Reflect affect dissect
I feel strongly disconnected
I am close to my kind, know what's right
You change your face, avoid the fight
You will regret but not forget
When i rip off your fucking face from you

One way
Defend my position
To be what i am
It's my strongest decision
My time
Your pain
No go to your vision
To stay where you stay
It's my only permission

Be somewhere there
Do something there
Your eye to my eye
You should beware of
Be somewhere there
Do something there
Don't dare breathe my air
Don't dare breathe my air
Stand of No consent

Non-conformed to the ways of the world
If it dies - i'll never cry
Living on my own, it's not to be show
This is where your deadline begins
Don't need your intervention
There is a line between yours and mine
Your cause, your faith, your name, your price
You change it every year, pathetic modish shit

I'll destroy you fuckin' scum!

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