Star Star Star

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look at him grovel ; humble,humble
look at him smooch his way inside
check out the styling ; sexy,sexy
starstruck enjoying every inch of the ride
he was a star star star

the power of ballads on formated DJ's
the smell of the green as the units soar
up with a bullet,down with the 'boppers
safe in the knowledge that much needs more
he was a star star star

go international ;billboard,billboard
A & R chieftains with goldplated cards
coked to the eyeballs ; units,units
"lead 'em to water,these idiot bards"
the limeys adored him,and so did the frenchies,
loved in the US and loved by the krauts
he was the greatest ; shining,shining
too bad the smack made his teeth fall out
he was a star star star
a star star star
he was a star star star star star

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