A Life Divided


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I need your voice
To ask you to socialize me
I want your choice
I implore you to compromise me

Take off my narrow mind
And hide it away
I can't stand all the people
And the words they use to say
They never got me right
'cause i couldn't understand
So please give me your mask
And help me to pretend

I close my mind
Sitting on my selfmade crown
I redefine
My view about this world around

So come on
Take off my ignorance
And lock it up in your lies
The fucking point of view
Is all that defines the size
I never wanted it to be
Just like me
I can't see,
I can't breathe
I can't live

I was wrong
There ain't no crown for me
It's all so static
Waste my time
Between the lines i creeped
It's all so static

I need some time
To realize i'm not that alone
I'll look inside
And find someone who's careless too

Get it,
I don't need your words
To blind my mind
Get out of my sight
With your sickness
With your ill fake sight
You always wanted to be just like me
You won't reach, never reach
You can't reach me

I give a damn you're hating me
I don't care about the way you look at me
So shit on me
Oh you can't knock me
Better leave my world
I can't stand your sympathy
So quit your fake as speaking
You got nothing more for me
Don't criticize my way
While your back hides your needs
No one cares
And no one bleeds
And no one gives a shit about my needs
You see just let it be
You'll never be one of me