Rockwell Church

Stay The Same

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Tell them about your fortune
Tell them about your life
Tell them about your new car
And how you left your wife for something younger
This hunger that surfaced inside
But I don't believe

Who's the soul in the picture frame
With eyes like yours but a different name
Intentions are unclear
What of devotion, I'm asking for answers
These ties have all turned away
It's better than money it's bigger than fame
It's better for all
If we all stay the same

Does it bring you pleasure
Does it bring you pain to know that
You are and I am of similar brains
He is laughing he is telling me

So tell me how you're coping
Tell me how it feels
It's everything you've ever wanted
Nothing here is real
I wake shaking in a cold sweat
Sheets tied round me and I'm bound
To the things I can't forget

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