Steal My Flashlight

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Left alone and lost in the dark again
you steal my flashlight every chance you get
Once fallen memories when I lost your eyes, but now the candle's lit
Every day the same way (the same way) Please don't change (don't ever change)

Stop, rewind the tape -
play it back for me
all the things you ever said (all those things you ever said)
we're falling down on me
Stop, go back -
and play it for me (please)
say some more
all the things saving me (saving me)

It's always night
when I look down empty streets
Where is the light
it's in you right in front of me
It's dark, I'm scared (Don't be a waste if you promise me)
It's dark, I'm scared (what do I do, what do I do)

Why steal the light that you put right back into
my light...
you put it right back into me
and you know it