Dawn Richard

Still In Love

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Still get nervous
Not so shy
When you look at me
Still si high
Still caught up
Still in love
I can't get enough
I'm falling for you
Don't intend
To go no where

All the time we share
We're still in love
We never gave up
No, no, no, no, no
You still hold my hand
Proud to be my man
You can't make away

Connected to you, boy
I'm sticking to you, boy
So addicted to you, boy
I'm still in love with you
I'm still in love with you

All you steal
Is love
Go to dinner
Late in love
That we go without
Showin' that we care
You make me left
Gettin' by
When i feel dark
Without in my life
I feel the same
As i did before
I'm still in love


Still seem
Just like
The first day we met
When rush ment to be
There was nothing
That can affect
Or cause

(Chorus 4x)