Still In Love With You

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Think ill just fall to pieces
If i dont find something else to do
This sadness never ceases
Im still in love with you

My head, it keeps on reeling
Its got me in a crazy spin
Darling, darling, darling
Is this the end?

Still in love with you

They say time has a way of healing
Dries all the tears from your eyes
But darling its this empty feeling
My heart cant disguise

After all that weve been through
I try my best but its no use
I guess ill keep on loving you
Is this the end?

Now that its all over, woman
Theres something i think you should know
Baby, baby, think it over
Just one more time before you go

Call on me baby
If theres anything i can do for you
Call on me baby
Help me see it through

Im still in love with you