Still Off Da Chains

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[Verse 1: Big Pokey]
It's like this hea
Still off da chain
I ain't off my game
Pop bottles of champagne
Don and Cris
Boys don't want none of this
Rolex watch to numb the wrist
When Sensei drop
Ya betta cop the disc
Don't cheat yaself
Betta treat yaself
If ya miss this hea
Ya betta beat yaself
It's Big Po Yo
Kilo cooka
Dope I move run through ya woofer
If it ain't a show
Then I'm diggin in a hoe
Or in my backpack diggin up the store
Fuckin wit me like pickin at a sore
The more you fuck wit me the more I grow
I'm bout to blow like a pipe
Ya snprt this hea
You'll lose ya life

[Chorus: Carmen Sandiego]
2000 dope game
Sensei still off da chains
Party still kickin ya do
H.A.W.K. and Big PO-I O
Repeat 2x

[Verse 2: H.A.W.K.]
I'm like the heat of hell
The blind to Braille
A hammer to a nail
A prison to a cell
The Chronicle sale
Buildin up clientele
And my venom is mo deadly
Than a rattlesnake's tail
I'm the shit so I smell
My styles unique
Ya flow is antique
Ya jus a pip squeak
My technique
Is like hide and seek
If ya turn the otha cheek
Then ya ass is weak
I'll untie ya braids
Turn em into wave
Tie you down and beat you like an African Slave
Niggas quote me and Big Pokey
And recite our raps like kareoke
Don't provoke me
In the studio
I'm good to go
Plus I got a dangerous flow
Now I know
I need a little H2O
To cool me off because I'm bout to explode

[Chorus: Carmen Sandiego]
Repeat 2x

[Verse 3: Big Pokey]
Baby lost the deal
2 mo call
This Michael Jackson shit off the wall
Flat beds and U-Haul
Major digits
There's so many ways to get it
Don't quit nigga
Bite like a pit nigga
Gotta get so I let my heart tick
Bleed the block
It's a playoff game feed me the rock
Block like I don't stop move the chains
I got the heart of a lion
I can move a train
Don't snooze on it
You fuck around and lose on it
Like a big backyard with no pool on it
You a dub and tire
Fix a flat
Couldn't even move a brick an aristocrat
When this verbal assault hits ya head
Betta chill
Fa real

[Chorus: Carmen Sandiego]
Repeat 4x

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