St Mary's Bell

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St Mary's bell

I Can See By Your Gaze I'm Feeling In My Home Port
And I Can Feel This Morning
Thinking Was I Here Or Was I Gone?
And The Walls Do Come Down
Did You Feel This Morning Rise Above The Misty Sandy Floor?
On A Road By The Mission,
Drive There And It May Flood Some More
And The Walls Do Come Down
Lightning On The Hilltop,
Water Flowing Down Not Up
Who Can Make This Rain Stop?
If The Valley Floods What Becomes Of Us?
And The Walls Crumble Down
The Walls Crumble Down
Everywhere It's Morning
Feel It In My Head And All About
And The Mission Bells Keep Ringing
Are They In My Head Or Not At All?
Everywhere Is Morning
Everywhere Is Morning
And The Walls Do Come Down
The Walls Do Come Down
The Walls They Come Down

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