From A Second Story Window

Stolen Lands

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I need release
I pose a simple question
Are we allowed to exist with fear
There seems to be a new consensus
One that guides us all through life
To hold us all here together
And allow the free to fly
Viewing the spirit from the other side
Is a guide to inner truth
Follow the spirit and allow your soul to glide
Allow me to show you truth
There's always been the same dimensions
That allow us all to try
To see ourselves in true potential
And allow the free to fly
To simply look in the mirror
Cannot show you all you need
Will you look in the mirror
And tell me what you see
I've run so long
I must escape
There is only so much that I can take
Their approval means nothing
This is something I will not give them
To fly, to fall
Is knowing that I am alive
I have given up and I have given in
I have shed my wings away

Autor(es): From a Second Story Window

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