Stomped Out

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If u anit wit my team u can get stomped out
When i get crunk u can get stomped out
If u hatin' on my team u can get stomped out
Get stomped out/get stomped out [2x]

Now the kid is back
Not michel jordan but i'm coming back
Kinda like pearson parson the truth is back
Got a desal on my team and his name anit shaq
But my teams staked i only roll wit the best
And i'm leading my team like my name was barnet
And best believe that i got my back up
Persell on my left and trashell on my right
Now i know that things gonna heat up
When i watch the suns in heat i catch a fever
That don't stop me from jumping up
When kobe bryant grabbed my 3'6
And dunk it don't madder i can cross and shake dogg
Like a. i. i can break your ancles dogg
Like shaq no one in the game can hold me
The only way to hold me is to foul and throw me


Lets get it crackin'
Like jason kit i make it happen
Go through the lenz i dunk them balls
Like vince carter i'm half amazing dogg
Yea rang like detroit i bend u like
I'm born to the pro's
And going to collage
Anit labront james but the youngin's in the game
I put it in the net like i'm from new jersey
Catch me phillie with a throw back jersey
I like games with a real good passe
That's why i'm watching indiana take on yamain
I'm number 1 like tracy mc grey
I got my jump shot they gotta pay me
I was born to ball
My games so sick
My jump offs like my handle tricked


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