The Bear Quartet

Stores and Stolen Parts

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Playgrounds and parking lots
The endless waits and dreams hanging
Around the bus stops,
Detours and shortcuts
Encircled by cigarette butts
The always bored
And all of their friends
Stupid nicknames they know

Long walks
And late night sessions
The hum, the regulars and released
They know they know
Just how it feels
To have a whole life put on hold
They know how the cool spark's shine can make it all feel worthwile

Shoptlifting heroes
And family wierdos
The mute areas and
Burned out hearts
The breakups and breakdowns,
Dark woods and lungs
The old quiet neighbourhoods
The waters and yards
And stolen parts
The social retards they know

The trucks,
The trains and their 52 coaches
The half-truth
And seasons that approaches
They know they know
Just what it means
To wish something dead or gone
They know how all the mundane
Mysteries sway below

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