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Stork and Owl

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Faceless fall from this life and all
If you can't see the star you've probably gone too far
Like the voice that cries on the lonesome tide
Like a whale was the only love it ever saw

What's this dying for
Asks the stork then saw
With the owl high above
Canyon's mighty walls

Owl say death's a door
That love walks through
In and out, in and out
Back and forth, back and forth

Time forms the fear of the storms that might be
Oh let it free of that cage on fire thing
Oh hold its hands, It'll feel like lightning
Oh in your arms, safe from the storms

Sky bends, moon's dress slung low slung low
Love star to the dance it goes goes goes goes goes goes goes
Arms out knees bent emotion flows
Like the song open petals of a death crows

So serious
So it falls upon
It just reveals the perfect nothing
Of everything we are, everything we are

Candle of life lights the brights and bruises
Oh lay it down in the night, let it sooth this
Oh hold his hands, you will know what truth is
Oh in its arms safe from the storms