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Now the faces that stood with me yesterday,
are convicting and pushing me away,
sinner little smile slowly turns to wicked laugh,
bloody hands hiding and wait another back... to stabb.

I know that you're still there waiting.
I see you all there waiting,
but I won't allow myself to crush broken this time.
When day turns and night takes over.
Then begun the time of dark,
and I let you all crush broken tonight.

Look at me, look to your hunter, just take your time,
cause I...

Become the night, I see the fiery golden path,
but I wont allow myself to crush broken this time,
the night is torment, crushes all broken tonight,
I see the chaos realm, where raven retry to... reborn.

By the number you choose the side of your state...

Autor(es): Catamenia

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