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Armageddon has finally come
Billions of deserving now will die
The black wizard arrives from the east
The one that destroys, known as the stormraiser
Black winds arrive from the northern lands
Wicked storms of tremendous lightning
Unleashed upon the earth to kill mankind
With fiery black skies and earthquakes of devastation
The stormraiser stand upon the higher mountain
Watch his evil creation
Blessed under the sign of hell, the symbol of baphomet
Lucifer in disguise
Conquer, end the relics of christianity
Tearing down the cross of christ
Thrown to the ground in blasphemy
The helpless and weak victims, under the sign of the goat
Now it's time to die!
The fiery winds sweep across the landscape
The end of existence as we know it
The stormraiser, the mighty destructor
Forever dying and chanting his name
[solo: valac]

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