Leo Sayer

Stormy Weather

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Sometimes you can be like a strangerin moments when you're so far awayin the night when i reach out to hold youyou just turn away, why do you turn away
Oh, i love you so when you're smilin'but your smile has faded overnightwill we stay like this for a lifetimegettin' nothin' right, gettin' nothin' right
Why do we always have stormy weatherwhy do we have it so roughis it so hard just to stay close togetherwhy can't we ever have love
Oh, i knew from the first time i saw youi just had to make you minefelt so sad when you told meabout your troubled life, all about your troubled life
So here we are just a few years furtherstill tryin' to make it worki've a feelin' what we really need right now, girlis just a little love, oh baby, just a little love
Why should we always have stormy weatherwhy should we have it so roughit's not so hard just to stay close togetherwhy can't we only have love

Autor(es): Leo Sayer / Tom Snow

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