Straight Happiness

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Girl, Boo, I gotta tell you
U kno it's Aid didididididididi donia (donia)
Take it Away

Girl all mi waan yuh fi do ah rest pon mi
Wine up di body squeeze up yuh breast pon mi
For me and you ah straight happiness for we
Weh yuh haffi do, save up di best for me

All mi waaan yuh fi do a rest pon me
Wine up yuh body, squeeze up yuh breast pon mi
For me and you ah straight happiness for real
Weh yuh affi do, save up di best.

[Verse 1:]
Ah waan yuh bless my life like a word of psalm
Girl, mi yuh curve ah charm mi
Mi get di best wen mi nerve ah calm mi
Life provoke yuh, move further on
Set gun fire for mi, girl whine for mi
Mi nah seh yuh cyaan chill wid yuh fren dem
Girl just mek time for mi
Mi, yuh can rest pon, yes
Squeeeeeeeze breast pon chest
Nah seh yuh cyaan get call or text from Jeff,
Youuu I'm nuffi mek undress

[Chrorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Only di best is good enuf suh
Mi nuh waan nuttin less
Yuh cyaan tek me fi a damn button press
God gimme summ'n blessed
An she get mi food an leffi inna di bowl
Ah di last, nuttin leff
N'affi call Michael fi si di thrilla
Waan sleep, use mi shoulder fi di pilla
I'll go shopping for yuh, by nights ah yuh mi nah gi di filla
Yuh come inna mi life wen a wife mi neva alta less, mi neva after
Den mi get a smart son an a clever daughter
Dis end di best way wen we livin so happily ever after