Good Clean Fun

Straight Outta Hardcore

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If I ever left the scene, I wouldn't get too far, how could I,
Miss seeing a zine, or a flyer on the wall, and if there,
Ever was a show, I know I'd have to go and see all,
Of my friends, I'm gonna be right here until the end,
A couple of years and then you're gone - Straight Outta Hardcore,
Now you're moving on - Straight Outta Hardcore,
When it was trendy you were down - Straight Outta Hardcore,
And now you're nowhere to be found - Straight Outta Hardcore,
So now we have all grown, the old days are long gone, I guess I,
Should have always known, you were just playing along, and now you,
Wonder where it went, cause you live your whole life in the past, I'll be,
Living for the present, and won't spend my time just looking back.

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