Alabaster Box

Talking 'Bout Love

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Well, 'am talking 'bout love
Love of Jesus Christ
And 'am talking 'bout peace
Peace that Jesus gave
Listen, because He laid down His life
And He took it again
And He gave us the victory
Well 'am talking 'bout peace
Peace, peace, peace
He gave us peace and love
Well 'am talking 'bout joy
The joy of the Lord is my strength
Because He makes me so happy
In the Lord
Listen, because He turned down the walls of division
And He brought me closer to my God
Yes, He makes me go whao
Whao, whao, whao H A P P Y
Yes, my Lord is so kind
Kind, so kind so to me
And my Lord is so good
Good, so good
Well my Lord is so good
Good, good, good
Good, so good