Daniel Amos

Strange Animals

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Strange animals, strange
Strange animals, strange

Too complex to be tamed, too great to be grasped
Their wonder and beauty cannot be expressed
So will they devour you? Well nobody knows
Can't see what's behind those wild animal clothes

I try to describe it, can never succeed
Moving around in a big make believe
I say you are this, I say this is you
But you're one strange animal, I am one too

If I were to give you an animal's name
Could I keep you locked in a cage in my brain?
Yes, I want to hold you, but it is not clear
Just what your intention if I get too near
I feel the danger, but I cannot leave
Will you tear open the heart on my sleeve

Thought you are this, thought this was you
You're one strange animal, I am one too

Autor(es): Greg Flesch / Terry Taylor / Tim Chandler

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