Stranger In Black

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Just out of prison and everything sucks
I am the king of bad luck
Hitchhiked to barstow then stole a car
Ten bucks in my pocket won't get me too far
Looking for action rage until I drop
Then in my rearview the lights of a cop
Catch me or kill me I'm not going back
Foot to the floor all dressed in black
I follow the lines on the road
Trouble wherever I go
Don't trust the eyes of a stranger in black
Thrill of a lifetime taking what is not mine
Bringing the pain is my addiction
Breaking their faces leaving no traces
Being insane is my affliction
Open the register give me the cash
Hand me your keys the last car I crashed
Don't you resist me I'm liable to freak
I prey on the innocent feed on the weak
My life has no meaning and yours even less
Crime is the way that I handle my stress
So liberating to have no regard
So pour me a drink and deal me some cards


and right when you think I'm gone I'll come again
I follow the lines on the road trouble wherever I go
Don't trust the eyes a stranger in black
Nowhere to call a place home no one will leave me alone
No wonder I ended up living my life the way that I do

[Lead Mcginnis]
[Lead Garcia]

A bottle of whiskey a 12 pack of beer
Drinking and smoking while truing to steer
Cigarette ashes that fall to the floor
My dark sunglasses all things I adore
A larcenous living is not for the faint
I ain't no devil but I ain't no saint
So don't ever knock what you never will try
If you say your life is fulfilled I tell you you die