Taming Of The Screwy

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Yakko: Hello
Dot : Doctor
Wakko: Scratchansniff!

YW D : He asks a lot of questions
To find out what we think
He's Doctor Scratchansniff
The studio shrink.

W D : He says,
Yakko: "How do you feel?"
W D : We say, "With our hands!"
Yakko: "How do you stay together?"
W D : We use rubber bands!
Yakko: "I want to know your psyche!"
W D : There's two inside our skull!
Yakko: "Now what would you call that?"
W D : A bi-psyche skull!

YW D : He knows our motivations
That's what he'd like to think
He's Doctor Scratchansniff
The studio shrink!

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