Strap Down

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Here was a fatal crash one dark day
And on the ground there he laid
He wasn't just a victim, he was a friend of mine
And now his life's at halt now for some time
His head was crushed in every way
And the doctor said that there's no way
That he'll live now, or live through the night
Now i ask God is that right
With the endless sleep and unconcious nights
Stripping his mind oh, from his life
And to this day now no one knows
If he'll come or if he'll go

Strap down- get a grip on your life
Strap down- don't think that you won't die
Strap down- don't blame this shit on me
Strap down- strap down to reality

His face was ripped apart and torn to shreds
And the broken wind-sheild from his head
Seeing him lying there to die
Oh, it tears my stomach from inside
And to this day he's still alive
No one's sure when he'll die
He's lived longer than people thought
But now here's a lesson to be taught
Pay close attention to my words
And now a story about my friend is what you've heard
So listen to me and watch what you do
Because what happened to him could happen to you
So strap down.......

Strap down - get a grip on your life
Strap down - don't think you won't die
Strap down - don't blame this shit on me
Strap down - strap down to reality
(repeat 4 times)

Strap down