The Floor Is Made of Lava

Tango In My Tummy

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I've been flashing bling and stuff since I left some college
But tonight I'm packing shoulderpads and a woolly kinda turtleneck
I carry cash in a bucket and a trumpet in my pocket
Yeah, I got Paris on my mind and neo-neon patches over my eyes

I don't care bout what you say but you ain't saying nothing
You say you need a man with shoulderpads or every boy in college
Your bottom's up and your face hits the can
With tango in your stomach
And I get Paris on my mind
Cause I know that we're running short on time

I'm a slave to the wage cause I can't pass a bar
I get in to get laid cause I don't drink and drive
I'm a rat in a cage cause I can't find a bar
I get drunk to get laid cause I figured it out

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