Street Justice

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No judge or no jury will sit and preside
And pass judgment on you or on me
It happens outside in the dead of the night
Where anger is set to run free
Out in the open or a back allied street
At the end of the day someone will pay
You can be the victim, or chose to rise up
And stand to fight to see another day.


One by one
Watching you fall
One by one
Take you out on the street
One by one i laugh as you fall
One by one
Put you back in your place

Street justice is the new law
Its our judge and jury when the hammer falls
Street justice the only way
One by one your gonna fuckin pay.

No time for excuses, no time for remorse
Talking will be left for the girls
It's time to step up and prove it yourself
'cause victories either mine or it's yours
A 50/50 shot, you can win or you lose
Is your bark as big as your bite?
Because in the end it doesn't matter
For someone will pay
Street justice will always be right.