White Wizzard

Strike The Iron

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Rising sun meets the misty dawn
As it penetrates the twilight
On wings of hope I awaken to seize the day

Illuminate the crystal light
Now I see the path before me
All of my fears and doubt are cast away

Chances only come to just a few
You have to seize each moment and stay true
Go for gold and set your sights so high
Raise your sword and point it to the sky

Spirit soaring high
To the stars I fly
Giving it all that you've got

Strike while the irons hot
Oh oh

Strike while the irons hot
Oh oh
Strike while the iron is

Strive to be the best I can
To beat the odds against me
A battle inspired by ambition to reach my goal

Ascend mountain-courage strong
Take my spirit higher
A peak of dreams to set inside my soul

See the starlight shining crystal
Moonbeams in the desert sky
Destiny of chosen path reflecting
Brightly in my eyes
Dragons flight and darkest wing I
Set a course to soar and ride
Bringing in the clearest light to
Heal the wounds that burn inside