Stronger Than Pride

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A dim light burns out in the kitchen
The clock ticks a hole in the wall
And back in the bedroom, he hits rock bottom
Blown by the weight of it all
He thinks of the friends he's forgotten
The same ones he's too proud to call
He says to himself, if I do nothing else
I'll at least find my own place to fall

Some wonder what they might see in this world
Some wonder where they'll be seen
Some men they chase after well-built young girls
While others chase old broken dreams
Heartache runs wild just like water
Some keep it bottled inside
Afterall some may be stronger than others
But nobody's stronger than pride

He came up hard out of nowhere
A young kid with luck in his eyes
And over the years he's seen more than his share
Of money and all that it buys
But hard luck's been handing him empty
And now his heart burns like hot kerosine
It's a pretty good drop from the top to the bottom
When you never stop in between

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