Hanna Pakarinen

Stronger without you

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Who are you to think that you the only
you say you care, I couldn't care less
So you know I'm, no ones possesion
You tought you'd leave me in a mess
You can't hold me down

Now when I'm stronger without you
And I finally see we're through
I know you think I'm weaker so I'm going without you
'cause I'm stronger without you
I'm stronger without you

I'll do fine now and forever
Do not think twice of letting you go
Way too smart for you to control me
You took your path so now I'll take mine
You can't hold me down


I would not ever stand aside
And put my will on hold so how can I be wrong
We'll be flying, save your breath
'cause I am stronger on my own


Autor(es): AJ Junior / Kent Larsson / Peter Landin

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