Happy Campers


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You can keep a good man down
if he won't stand up and fight
it's time to wake up
it's time to see the light
equality doesn't exist
it's just an ideal in the mind
there's not enough to go around
so take what you can find
Mud on your face
Kick me sign on your back
they took it all
it's time to take it back
do unto others
and watch them beat you down
don't fall below the surface
they'll let you drown
they'll let you down
Black and blue
Tattered and torn
You've been gettin stepped on
since the day that you were born
they say give up
cause you can't win
you're stuck on hte outside
and they wont let you in
I took all the crap I can
and I can't take no more
if they won't let me in
I'm breaking down the door
Disregard the rules
Disregard the laws
they'll get you nothing
I want it all
they'll lead you to believe
that you're doing just fine
they'll live like kings
and you'll fall farther behind
I remember a song i had to sing when i was 10
"this land is your land, this land is mine"
and i believed what they said
and you believed what they said
and we believed what they said
but they lied to me
and they'll lie to you too
and they'll go on denying
and we'll go on dying
I'm not afraid to die
just afraid to never have lived
and the struggle goes on and on
(we can take no more)

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