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I'm just sitting in the studio just trying to get to you, baby
But this song so fucking dope, girl, it's hard not for me to play it
To tell the truth, wish it was you in this booth that I was blazed with
So I'm just sitting in the studio just trying to get to you, baby

See I've been in the studio just trying to get to you, baby
All night laying verses though I'd rather lay with you, baby
Bra and panties matching, nail and toes, you all kinda lady
Angel out of heaven, such a goddess have a nigga praying

You need a real nigga, shorty so come in, throw that pussy, shorty
See I think you and me can make it, this little verse to get you naked
See, your heart ain't meant for breaking, cupid's never been mistaken
See, I been caught up in the moment, shit, my type ain't quite her type
But now this gangsta nigga on it, she can twist my weed and hit the 'yac
I can hit your type without the hat, put that pussy on the map
I see qualities in a bad girl, I know that ass you got
Come with attitude and your swag, girl, you ain't wrong, girl
Just when that door knock lose your thong, girl
Cause you girl, cause you girl, girl, cause you girl, girl

Throw a loc your pussy, girl, you knowing that your nigga faded
Can I hit that pussy way I wanna while this record playing?
Put my tongue in different places, play a game of operation
Na-na-na, la-la, la-la, you get what I'm saying
No methaphors, nothing like that, I'm keeping it straight
To the point with you, I'mma put this dick up all in-side-of-you

Autor(es): Swiff D,BJ The Chicago Kid

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