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Yo Logan, botgun that sheer!
Get the vibe goin' right in here.
Gotta write a jam. The one everyone wants to hear.

Crashing Flowing Swirling, Right from the Start
Except not with those lyrics, we already have a song about a shark!!!

OH SHIT! It's the death metal riff! I better sing about some face ripping, cat-raping bullshit!

Sit in my room and write about some brutal shit I know I'm never gonna do!

We gotta make it Thrash!
And make 'em bang their heads real fast
Make sure this song is really FUCKING STUPID!!!!

I think my vocals are pretty good so far, and I'm kinda ripped, so for this next part I'm gonna riff with the guitar.

2 minutes long, and fast as fuck!
This song is sick, but missing one part
OH yeah what is that?

We gotta get the kids, moving, circle pitting, and singing along.
I've got a really original idea, of how I think we should end this song!