Peter Hammill


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(so stupid)

Along this pilgrim's accidental progress
I'd bump into the walls as like as not;
It's no surprise I didn't notice when I lost the plot.

I went and did something
(so stupid, so dumb)

Error-message ever more intensive,
red lights were burning on the air -
no I can't say that I was consequentially unaware

when I did something
(so stupid, so dumb)
I saw it coming
(so stupid)
now all I want to know is how come
(how come?)
we're all fingers and thumbs?

Confused but not entirely aimless,
though you might find comfort here is faint;
if we lived lives that were quite blameless then we'd all be saints;
I don't think so.

Get a life:
you've got to do something
(so stupid)
we all do something
(so dumb)
self-seed our own destruction
nobody understands it, how come we're all fingers and thumbs?

Autor(es): Peter Hammill

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