Suicidal Tendencies

Su Casa Es Mi Casa

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The ticking you hear is your life passing you by

Do you feel you're not taken serious?
That your input is brushed aside?
That you can get no respect
That people may even be laughing behind your back
Does this make you question your self-worth?
Well it should ... because you're worthless!
Now take the case of the new-age cyco
Confident, commanding respect
Taking whatever he wants, from wherever it is

I've been thinking, so to speak
Knees are shaking, tired and weak
I've been wondering, who I am
I've been wondering where I am

Su casa es mi casa, porque estoy muy loco

If you have one, I'll have one too
Not another, the one I took from you!
Add my numbers, add it up
I guess I got it, give it up!

Su casa es mi casa, porque estoy muy loco

Now you've had some time to think
Why don't you look in the mirror, tell me what you see
Nah not on the outside, look inside, deep inside
The true ugliness
Not the self-created coloured hair, piercings hanging out everywhere
The stuff you try to cover up and deny
So there's a reason for everything
Now you let the reason out
Rising up, I feel it coming, let 'em know it's time!

I'm still wondering, why I am
Coughing up blood, spitting up phlegm
So much anger, hostility
Biting and kicking, inside of me
I'm fully cyco, partly hexed
Makes me wonder, who is next
You need not worry, about what I am
But you better worry, about where I am!

Su casa es mi casa
No quieres chingar conmigo

The ticking you hear is your life passing you by

Autor(es): Mike Clark / Mike Muir

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