Suddenly Awaken

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Far beyond perception of men is their infamous ability to destroy the life

War began unexpected - starting unimaginable chain reaction
Poorly defended headquarters bringing absolute destruction

In split second becoming a threat breaching the border of human habitat

All kinds of war machines - setting in motion technological terror
Ground units quickly vaporized - unmerciful was an alien behavior

Creatures suddenly awaken
Army born of alien seed
Demons totally forsaken
It is a celestial breed

Prophecy said they will come for unique fame and glory
Long travel to the earth in millennial cryogenic sleep
Tomb forgotten by the elders masked by other stories
Raised from the ashes of their deep down buried keep

Warships vanished rapidly not even starting the fight
Astonishing but destructive is unearthly conqueror's might
Faintly advanced human kind will no longer be the proud ruler here
Race of demons providing new order, dominion of fear

Autor(es): Martin Urbas / Sceptic