Simon Says

Suddenly The Rain

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Sleep Tardigrade
You've got time on your side
One hundred years you hide
And then you have to join the ride

Wake to the dream
Of a new world regime
Flashing on the screen
Feed energy to the machine
Providing us with light
To keep outside the night
The true hearts sing their praises to our might

Then suddenly the rain
Will wash away the stain
That is burning my hands
Now the day has come to be
The time and place for me
Water's stirring the sand

But soon i wonder where to start
Going through the motions
That are playing with my heart
There's another on out there
In a world that doesn't care
For crystal screens
And dream machines
Flow my blood like wine

We've built a world
Without death or disease
Doing as we please
This lifelong logic leads to peace
Pathetic is your birth
But you'll get your money's worth
When the sun beats hard
And cracks the broken earth

Then suddenly the rain
Will come to soothe the pain
Suffocating my mind
Here the golden clouds fly high
The sand on which I lie
And the ocean behind

Take me now Show me where the garden's growing
Blow your winds upon this barren soil
Gone again
A glimpse of what I know must come to be
The truth that beckons you and me
Plant the seed
Follow my lead
Why should I remember?
Why should I be?

Beat them
Burn them
Kill them softly
I should be their god

On with the chase
I'm just a mouse in a maze
After the race
The world will laugh into your face
The sun will give us light
To dream away the night
The true hearts will assist us in our fight

'Cause suddenly the rain
Brings life to the grain
That is scorched, burnt and torn
Here the island of our dreams
Was waiting so it seems
Ever since we were born