Sufocators of Metal

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By the moonlight
He'll rise
He's the sufocator
And have a big eye

If ring the bell
He's on your door
And gonna get o que é teu

He is on your house
And he want it all
All the CDs
And DVDs of metal

Enter to your room
He comes pianinho
He takes your disks
And get get de mansinho

This vacilation
Is not a headbenger
He takes your CDs
And emprestates to another friends

He's aproveitation
Sufocation ganaciation
You have to emprestation
All your fuckin´ collection

Sufocators of metal
É sufocation
Vai te pegar pelo gogó
É sufocation

É sufocation
É sufocation
É sufocation
É sufocation

I emprestate
And you don´t devolve
The disk go
And go back esculachado

You, motherfucker
You have no shame
You have to burn
In the hell's flame

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