Suicide Mountain

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I'm shining.. In darkness.. I've left the outer world behind..
I'm stopping... For no-one.. They've wasted too much of my time.
I cannot tell the reasons.. But, I have never questioned why.
It's away... from their lies.. They'll never catch me I'm too High...
Much too high
I'm floating.. Through shadows.. Of visions I have left behind.
Their memories.. Of past dreams.. I could not relive in real time.
They say that hate's my motive... But I can conjure up a lie.
There screaming.. Displeasing.. Into their world I'd rather.. DIE!
I would DIE!
On top the mountain..
It's where I draw the line.
I feel that nothing else can penetrate my mind..
On Top the mountain..
serenity devine
I feel that no one else can take me home tonight.

So set my soul to rest.
I've finally found my best
Here in the mountain..
I've lost my soul!!!!
Over the mountain..
Some souls have taken flight...
I feel serenity, watching me, calling me. Deep inside.

So lay my soul to rest..
Right now I've found my best
Here on the mountain
I've lost my soul.

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