Suki's Missing

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Let me tell you 'bout a girl i knew
A rollin' stone
The sort of girl you give your lifetime to
But you never own

Suki's missing -- she's not at home
Suki's missing -- address unknown

On the paper there were fifteen words
Saying suki's gone
A scribbled line to whom it may concern
Saying nothing's wrong

Suki's missing -- told a lie or two
Suki's missing -- didn't leave a clue

Missing missing missing

I call on missing persons
Leave your number you'll be called
Help me operator 'cos i'm going up the wall
I've tried every method to get suki back again
Now i'm telling a computer
'bout the shape that i'm in
I know it's looking bad 'cos there hasn't been
Back a word
So i'm asking on the street
"you seen a chinese girl?"
There's a poster on the box
Upon the police station wall
There's a photo there of suki
She was with me i recall

Suki's missing -- missing

I got to get that chinese girl