Jamestown Story


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(feat. Breanne Duren)

Just so long as this moment's full of love so will the leaves stay green
As the winters tide will knock them down from all that they've achieve
Maybe if I love you harder, maybe if we both love harder we can make the
summer last and toss the chills of winter farther.

Make this last, if there's one thing I could ask of you is don't hold back tonight
take what's left, and hold on to it like I do you
Cause we gotta, we gotta find a way, come on baby

Its so obvious we both need this much like the comfort of our kiss, we
need the warm air at our backs or forever will we miss these summer
nights these summer days spent in each others arms
looking for a way for us to stay here not apart

Don't hold back, as the night tries to take all our progress away
Don't hold back, as the summer sun fades into winters cold haze, whoa-oh
Don't hold back, cause we've got to hold on, yeah I've got to hold on to

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